Typical programs and activities every week include:

We have at least 2-3 programs going on Monday-Thursday at the center. Programs that take place at the center typically take place 3:30-4:30 pm. Programs are NOT mandatory, but if you or your student finds an interest in them, they are more than welcome to join at any time.



Community Service– serving at Reach Out Lakota.

What is YOUR E? – EDGE will be focusing on the 3′ E’s – Enrolled, Enlisted, Employed. Most Mondays we will have a representative at EDGE to do a presentation and Q/A with students focused on being either Enrolled, Enlisted, or Employed by the time they graduate from high school. We will have business leaders, different branches of service, and colleges all represented to speak to our students.

Tutoring- Adult volunteers/staff will be available for tutoring, including math.


Community Service– serving at Lakota YMCA latchkey programs at Endeavor and Van Gorden Elementary.

We Chat A LOT- Ms. Brittany from Envision will be leading our students in group discussions. This will be a platform where student voices can be heard. Students will be able to contribute to topics they would like to discuss with an expert in many fields. Topics could include alcohol/drug prevention, grief, friendships, and safety. Students involved will also plan and execute a center based FUN day at EDGE.

Tutoring– Adult volunteers/staff will be available for tutoring, including math.


Community Service– serving at Chesterwood Village Nursing Home.

Healthy Living– Students will be able to meet with Amy, a licensed counselor from Focus on Youth, our mental health provider. Students will engage in large group discussions to learn skills and discuss how to cope with different aspects of their lives. Topics will vary from anxiety, grief, coming from blended families, depression, eating disorders, and relationships. Students that have signed a Focus On Youth release form can also sign up for time slots to have one on one discussions with Amy.

Redlife- This is a faith-based group that tackles hot topics in the teen world. This will be a discussion-based group.

Midpointe Library Bookmobile- Students have the opportunity to check books out from this mobile library once a month at EDGE. Students can check out books for pleasure or for their school assignments.


Community Service– serving at PAWS (animal shelter)

Dude’s Group (starting in mid-October)- EDGE “Dudes” will be able to participate in the Male Empowerment group that will focus on their future of getting their first job, how to look for colleges, and how to decide what to do after high school. This will be led by our adult volunteer, Mr. Randall.

MidPointe Library programs AND bookmobile– Students will be able to check out books once per month via their new bookmobile and on the other Thursdays students will be able to participate in a variety of programs such as, STEM, book clubs, and anime.


Tutoring- Adult volunteers/staff will be available for tutoring, including math.

Board Game Day- We have two volunteers that come just for the purpose of playing board games with our teens.

Rotation of EXTRA programs- Art, center-based service projects, and cooking demonstrations.

**NEW**- Possible field trips- more to come


Programs that happen on different days are: gardening in our community garden and healthy relationships workshops.


Community Service- Students serve at a variety of places a couple Saturdays a month. Places we will serve will be with S.E.L.F., Matthew25:Ministries, RASKALS, and many different community events.

On any given day teens could also be:

  • Playing basketball
  • Taking a painting class
  • Receiving tutoring
  • Playing air hockey, pool, foosball, ping pong
  • Playing board games
  • Playing video games
  • Doing budgeting exercises
  • Learning job skills at our cafe


Special Events happening 2nd semester– We will have monthly visits from Cincinnati State-Middletown, including their willingness to talk to parents about FAFSA and help with that process. Mid March we will also have a parent information night about how to prepare for the college process. Parents will learn what their students need to be preparing as sophomores and juniors to start the application process.


November 2018

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  • Dude's Group w/ Ryan Miller
  • Mid Pointe Library Programs- Survivor Makers
  • 3E's- Miami University Regionals (Savannah Turner)
  • EDGE @ Night
  • Election Day- No EDGE
  • Focus on Youth programs/counseling w/Amy
  • REDlife
  • RASKALS- Community Service
  • 3 E's Tyler Simpson/Butler Tech Culinary Arts
  • Focus on Youth programs/counseling w/Amy
  • REDlife
  • Listen Up Lakota- Featuring EDGE
  • Bookmobile😃
  • No EDGE- Thanksgiving Break
  • REDlife
  • No EDGE- Thanksgiving Break
  • Listen Up Lakota- featuring EDGE
  • No EDGE- Thanksgiving Break
  • 3E's - Miami Regional Campuses
  • Focus on Youth programs/counseling w/Amy
  • REDlife
  • Mid Pointe Library Programs- Anime
  • 3 E Field Trip- Quaker Chemical