Can anyone get into EDGE Teen Center?

EDGE Teen Centers are for 9th-12th grade students only up to age 18.

Am I required to come into EDGE every day?

No. Some students attend each day; others use it occasionally. EDGE is here when you need it. Use it as often as you would like.

Do I need to sign up before I come to EDGE?

When a teen visits EDGE for the first time, he or she will need to bring a completed parent registration form. The annual fee will not be due until their next visit. This will give new students the opportunity to spend time at EDGE and get familiar with what it has to offer.

Once I’ve checked in, am I allowed to leave and return to the center?

Students have the ability to check in again if they need to return to their schools for after-school activities. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to set guidelines with students regarding whether or not they are allowed to leave EDGE during open hours. EDGE staff are not responsible for enforcing that students remain at EDGE as long as they go through the proper check-out and check-in process.

Are items in the café free?

EDGE offers all foods and drinks at a lower rate than most area restaurants, but there is a charge. Many days there are free healthy snacks available.

Are parents allowed to come in to EDGE?

Yes, parents are welcome. Although parents aren’t allowed to roam the teen center for safety reasons, you may check-in at the front desk before being escorted in to pick up your teen.