EDGE@Night: Summer Series

This summer EDGE is opening its doors to high school students every Thursday evening!

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EDGE@Night: Summer Series is an 8-week program every Thursday evening, beginning June 7th until July 26th from 6p-830p. For a one-time registration fee of $10, EDGE@Night: Summer Series provides an opportunity for high school students to hang out with friends at the center while learning!

Don’t fret! When we say “learning” we’re not talking about reading textbooks or learning math concepts.

Adulting 101 addresses the things we all wish we knew before starting college, what we wish we knew living alone for the first time, simple skills like sewing a button or knowing when an injury requires medical attention that will help teens accumulate to life post-high school. Each Adulting 101 session will last roughly 30 minutes.





At EDGE, we are big on relationship building. Each Thursday we will eat dinner together and discuss each person’s interests, beliefs and viewpoints on a variety on topics! The goal of this initiative is to create a foundation for friendships to be formed.


For the duration of EDGE@Night teens can hang out with friends and take part in any of these activities:











Please email meagana@edgeteencenter.com for any questions or concerns.