January 2017 Parent E-Blast: New Year, New Program

January 2017 Parent E-Blast: New Year, New Program

Our 1st session of EDGE Study Tables was a Success!

EDGE will be rolling out a NEW program called, EDGE Study Tables. On Mondays from 3:45-4:30 pm we will be creating an environment at EDGE that is conducive to getting homework or studying done. During these times, we will be shutting down all our music, video games, and gaming tables. Students will be encouraged to take this time to get homework out or study for an upcoming test. We will also be setting up a peer tutoring system and are seeking adult volunteer tutors for these times. This program is not mandatory; however, we will be asking the students to remain respectfully quiet so others can get work done. Students will be able to use their own electronic devices, if they use ear buds. Please contact Annie for any questions.

Maximum Freedom is back at EDGE

Starting this Thursday, Maximum Freedom will be coming back to EDGE for a 4 week program on Thursdays to discuss Healthy Relationships. These are the topics for those weeks:

Week 1: Love vs. Infatuation

Teens will learn ways to distinguish between these two very real feeling by looking at the behaviors associated with them. Then they will discuss how these behaviors can lead to either healthy or unhealthy relationships.

Week 2: Healthy or Unhealthy Relationship?

Teens will review warning signs of an unhealthy relationship and then watch a video to spot those red flag behaviors in couples.  Lastly, teens will discuss the importance of establishing and communicating their personal/physical boundaries, which could prevent a relationship from becoming unhealthy or abusive.

Week 3: What do I want?

Teens will work in groups of the same gender to make lists of how they want to be treated by someone they date and how they don’t want to be treated. These lists will be shared and discussed, looking at similarities and differences between male and female responses. Lastly, teens will discuss how the differences in male and female brains could impact these lists and eventually their relationships.

Week 4: Dates and Mates

Teens will participate in an activity that looks at the past dating lives of a couple getting married and how those dating experiences can impact a future marriage. The past 3 sessions will be summarized with this activity.

EDGE’s Annual Appeal

We wanted to remind the families of our Annual Appeal that was mailed out to you in December. Our programming depends on generous donors like you. Through your generosity we can continue to offer programs such as Debate, Youth Council, Life Skills, Mental Health Group Discussions, and Healthy Living.

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