December 2016 Parent E-Blast

December 2016 Parent E-Blast

EDGE parents we need donations for snacks/drinks/desserts

EDGE will be providing lunch for students on Thursday, December 15th (an early release day because of exams) and we are asking parents to help with donating chips, drinks, or desserts for this day. Any extra donations will be used the following exam day. Please drop your donations off anytime between now and the 15th. Thanks so much for your help!

NEW Academic program coming in January…

In January, EDGE will be rolling out a NEW program called, EDGE Study Tables. On Mondays from 3:45-4:30 pm we will be creating an environment at EDGE that is conducive to getting homework or studying done. During these times, we will be shutting down all our music, video games, and gaming tables. Students will be encouraged to take this time to get homework out or study for an upcoming test. We will also be setting up a peer tutoring system and are seeking adult volunteer tutors for these times. This program is not mandatory; however, we will be asking the students to remain respectfully quiet so others can get work done. Students will be able to use their own electronic devices, if they use earbuds. Students will be able to use EDGE computers, but only for academic use during this time. We are asking for parent support with this and please talk to your students about taking advantage of this time at EDGE to get academic help or stay current with their studies. Please contact Annie for any questions.

A couple reminders about EDGE policies

This is a reminder about our Checking Out policy in our Code of Conduct. We have stated that “it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to set guidelines with students regarding whether or not they are allowed to leave EDGE during open hours. EDGE staff is not responsible for forcing students to remain at EDGE as long as they go through the proper check-in process.” We have noticed that some of the students that are allowed to leave are loitering in our strip mall and at times have caused disturbances at Kroger, Penn Station, and Smoothie King. We ask that when the students leave EDGE, they leave respectfully and act responsibly when they are at neighboring businesses. Please have a discussion with your teens about this policy if you are allowing them to leave.

Another policy we wanted to remind families about is our center closing times. EDGE closes at 6 pm every night. Please make arrangements to have your student picked up by 6 pm Monday- Friday.

Be on the lookout…

Our end of year fundraising campaign has started, and we are thrilled to have a matching grant this year. This means any amount you donate will be doubled! Watch for our letter to find out how you can participate, and why it’s so important!

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