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May 2017 Newsletter

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Acts of kindness: Teens pump parking meters at Liberty Center (By Michael D. Clark)

LIBERTY TWP. – About a half-dozen Lakota school students from a local teen center decided to spend a little known national holiday promoting kindness by pumping parking meters for strangers at Liberty Center. The result was a lot of shoppers and diners at the expansion retail and restaurant center in Butler County were pleasantly surprised when […]

The Moving Oscars Speech Every Teen Needs to Hear by Julie Zeilinger

Millions of people around the world tune in to the Oscars every year. Graham Moore, this year’s winner of the best adapted screenplay award, decided to use his acceptance speech not only to celebrate his own achievement, but also to share the obstacles he overcame to do so with this enormous audience. “When I was […]

Teen Girls Create Award-Winning App In Hopes Of Preventing School Shootings

In October 2014, high school freshman Jaylen Fryberg shot five students and then himself in Washington state. To help cope with this tragedy in their community, a group of teenage girls jumped to action. Chloe Westphal, Marina Stepanov, Stephanie Lopez, Genesis Saucedo and Amanda Arellano, who are all students at Tri-Tech Skills Center in Kennewick, […]

A Letter from 21-Year-Old Me by Jasmine Aguilar

Dear 18-year-old Jasmine, At this time in your life, you are applying for colleges, trying to figure out the next step in your journey. I know you’re restless, stressed and counting down the nanoseconds until graduation day. I know everything also seems like it sucks so much right now with schoolwork, college applications, scholarship applications, […]

How a Prankster Taught Me to Be Positive by Haley Pereyo

Within the last few months, a prankster on YouTube came out with a disgraceful prank involving sexually harassing young women (that video has been taken down). I believe that even though some people do not have good intentions when pulling pranks, there is one YouTube prankster who is making sure he spreads a positive message […]